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Our Services

ADA-Management provides its customers with professional and tailored services.
Our aim is to exceed customer requirements.

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Life Cycle Cost Reduction

Designed to your specific product

The life cycle cost of your product is a significant selling point.
We will investigate areas of potential reduction, such as: maintenance policy, repair capabilities and re-design.

In-Service Support

Advanced concepts

With more than 10 years experience in In-Service Support, we can develop the most effective support concept for your main operating base or in deployment.
Our services include process and detailed procedure for the chosen support concept.

Material Support

Support in logistic and forecast

Spares management include simple management, such as stock monitor and ordering, up to complex arising calculation and spare future demands. 
Cost reduction is achieved through optimal planning based on solid spare forecast demand and the technical specification of your product.

Business meeting

Programme Management

A professional approach

Over  a decade of experience in programme management within an international environment, GADLM offers you the highest standard of support in all aspects of project and programme management based on the latest standard of PMI.

Customer Interaction

Building trust

Trust is the foundation of successful business relations. We are here to support you and advise you in your relationship with your customer or supplier. 
In addition, we offer you an already established network with governmental authorities in Germany and several Middle East nations.

Export License

Intelligence and advice

ADA-Management offers you detailed information on new regulations involving export licenses in Germany. We offer campaign services using our established network in Berlin.

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